• - Affiliate Program

    + Users participating in the affiliate program can claim rewards after the presale got finalized.

    + Affiliate Reward Pool = Total Presale Raised * % Referral

    + Total rewards will be shared for users who brought buy volume to the presale pool. The more buy volume you bring to the presale pool, the higher reward you will get.

    + For example, if you set the affiliate pool is 5%, and the presale raised 1000 BNB. Affiliate Reward Pool = 1000 BNB x 5% = 50 BNB. If there are 3 users participating in the affiliate program:

    A refers a user to buy 100 BNB

    B refers a user to buy 60 BNB

    C refers a user to buy 40 BNB

    + So the total BNB referred is A + B + C = 200 BNB.

    User A will receive 50% of the affiliate reward pool = 25 BNB

    User B will receive 30% of the affiliate reward pool = 15 BNB

    User C will receive 20% of the affiliate reward pool = 10 BNB

    - Cashback

    + All members who buy over 5bnb will receive 10% of total tokens purchased after 1 month (due to the SAFU condition of pinksale, no tokens will be unlocked in the first 30 days). Bonus tokens will be sent directly to the wallets of members who buy over 5bnb at no extra cost.

    + Cashback is an attractive feature to encourage members to participate and ensure profit from the project

    + 5BNB FOR BIGGEST BUYER. 10% BONUS FOR ALL BUYS ABOVE 5 BNB + And it is mandatory to hold the token within 24 hours to be eligible for the reward

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