🔷 Q2 2023:

🔸Launch SwiftSwap IDO for $SWS token 🔸Launch DEX and AMM for trading 🔸Implement yield farming to incentivize liquidity provision 🔷Q3 2023:

🔸Launchpad for new token sales on Swiftpad 🔸Develop and launch portfolio tracker for users to track their holdings 🔷Q4 2023:

🔸Implement limit orders for more advanced trading strategies 🔸Launch yield farming V2 with improved incentives and rewards 🔸Update UI and improve user experience 🔸Launch lending and borrowing feature to enable users to borrow against their holdings 🔷Q1 2024:

🔸Launch advanced trading features such as margin trading and options 🔸Implement governance system to allow token holders to vote on platform decisions 🔸List on centralized exchanges to increase liquidity and reach new users 🔸Launch NFT marketplace for trading non-fungible tokens 🔷2024 and 2026: 🔸Develop and launch mobile app 🔸Continue to improve and expand on existing features such as liquidity provision, yield farming, and advanced trading 🔸Launch new features and products based on user demand and market trends 🔸Expand team and community to increase engagement and adoption 🔸Develop strategic partnerships with other projects and platforms to increase interoperability and collaboration

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